JESUS SHRESTHA – Spiritual souls

Spiritual souls /// 3.5. – 3.6.2017

Nepal is known for its unique culture and traditional art cult. This is an initial effort to portray “Pauwa art” into contemporary form. Pauwa art is original art form Kathmandu Valley. It was ancient form of art work to remind old myths and religious importance in form of art. These pauwas are modernized by Tibetan artists with finer details which is popular as Thangka art. It contains mostly myths and stories of Buddhist and Hindu religion. This exhibition is an effort to present Nepali culture and religion in form of art. Also it is an introducing mixture of Pauwa art and Thangka art in form of stories. 

Thangkas are old traditional paintings which are mounted on textile. In ancient history, these traditional artistic practices maintain the national relation between Tibet and Nepal. Thangkas are mostly intended for personal meditation or instruction of monastic students. Also used for ritual ceremony. 

Thangka perform several different functions. Images of deities can be used as teaching tools when depicting the life of the Buddha, describing historical events concerning important Lamas, or retelling myths associated with other deities. Devotional images act as the center piece during ritual ceremony and are often used as mediums through which one can offer prayers or make requests. Overall, and perhaps most importantly, devotional art is used as a meditation tool to help bring one further down the path to enlightenment